Teen-Teen Relationships

By: Victoria DeLira

teenWhen entering puberty and their teenage years, many teens begin to consider relationships. Often they may have friends who are already in or have been in relationships. Although some teens may be convinced they have found “the one,” having even a healthy relationship can cause stress. When entering a relationship, it is important to consider the time, energy, and commitment a relationship requires. It is also important to enter a relationship only if there is respect between the two partners. The age at which teens begin to have their first relationships varies for everyone. Sometimes, a teen may see that their friends are already having relationships and they may feel that they also need to be in a relationship so that they can be on the same boat as everyone else. These friends, whether they mean to or not, are pressuring the single teen(s) to enter a relationship. The last teen may not want to feel left out, so they find someone or enlist the help of friends to help find someone willing to be a partner.

Sometimes the teens will be lucky and end up lucky and will have a healthy relationship. However, some teens may find themselves caught in an abusive relationship. An abusive relationship is one in which one person causes any physical, sexual, or emotional pain to the other. This obviously means that there is no mutual respect for one another. Often, the abused teen will not even speak out or break up with the abuser in fear that the abuser will be angrier and cause even more harm. These abusive relationships can eventually lead the abused to do worse in school, drink alcohol, attempt suicide, and try drugs. Each of these may be long term consequences based on how early the abused teen decides to take action. This can also lead to the abused teen becoming the abuser in future relationships.

Having a support group is something important for teens. They need friends, family, or any role model to help them decide if the relationship they are having is one worth keeping. Having people who will support them also helps them feel better about themselves and can help raise their self-esteem instead of causing more stress. Avoid joining relationships because you do not want to feel left out or because someone is pressuring you to. Save that time and dedication to someone who truly expresses love towards you and will respect you and consider your feelings and beliefs.







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